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We are so excited that that you are interested in joining one of our community homes!

Our approach to welcoming new members into our community is a process of mutual discernment rather than just a form application – we want to work with you to figure out whether it’s a good fit or not.

The discernment process usually takes 2-3 months, and we encourage you to start the process well before you need to move so that you're not left without other housing options. 

This is how it goes:

  1. Have a conversation with our Executive Director, Isaac Everett, to talk about the mission of CRECHE, the communities we are trying to build, what life in a CRECHE House is like, and see if it sounds like what you’re looking for.

  2. Visit the sponsoring congregation of the house to which you’re applying and meet informally with the housemates and steering committee (which we call a “steering wheel”).

  3. Complete an online resident application

  4. After we’ve received your online application, we’ll review it. If we want to move forward, we’ll send you an invitation for a second visit.

  5. The second visit is at the house, meeting with one or two of the housemates to see the space and ask any questions you might have.

  6. After that, we’ll set up a formal conversation between you, the housemates, and the steering committee and explore whether this is a life to which you are called.

  7. After the visit, we will confer among ourselves and then contact you. If you and we are all at a “yes,” we’ll invite you to move in and begin a postulancy year.

  8. During that first year, we’ll touch base periodically to accompany you as you grow into the house’s vocation, and toward the end, we will reassemble to see if it feels like a long term commitment is right.

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