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Trinity House
Newton Centre


Our Community

Trinity House is a graduate student community located right next door to Trinity Parish in Newton. We engage in cross-discipline dialogue, commiserate about the demands of school, and share the joys and responsibilities of a communal home life. We set aside time to tend to our shared and individual spiritual lives, and value the unique and generative experience of living in community during the liminal space of graduate school. We live in a 4 bedroom apartment on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a house about a preschool.

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At church
Graduation Party
Creche board on retreat

Our Parish

While we have unique individual spiritual identities and backgrounds, attending church next door on Sunday mornings is an important part of our lives together. Trinity Parish defines themselves as "a community that loves good music and good food, that is committed to justice and helping those in need, and that strives to walk ever more closely with the Lord in our daily lives." We endeavor to walk with them in mutual relationship.

Our Network

We are a part of Creche, a non-profit network of intentional communities in the Boston area. All Creche houses share the infrastructure, support, and common mission of Creche, while living into their own unique community identities and neighborhoods.

Joining Trinity House

Joining our community is a process of mutual discernment between a prospective resident and the current house. As we are a graduate student house, most of our vacancies follow the academic calendar. If you're interested in joining the house, contact Isaac Everett, Executive Director of Creche, to inquire about vacancies and to schedule an informational meeting:

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