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Emmanuel House Garden


Welcome! Whether you are finding your way here for the first time, or you've been growing with us for a long time, know that you can make yourself at home in the garden! 


About the garden

Located at 7 Saint Luke's Road in Allston, the Emmanuel House Garden reimagines the courtyard of a historic church buidling as a vibrant greenspace oasis for our neighborhood.

We tend raised beds for and alongside our neighbors, maintain a free lending library, and host educational and cultural events for the community.

As we envision the garden’s fourth growing season in 2022, we find ourselves focusing on the grounding of abundance: the richness of the soil, the development of roots, the layers of history that shape a place. 

February 2022 Garden Update Letter

March 2022 Garden Budget

Get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with the garden:

  • Join us at a work day

  • Tend to your own garden plot

  • Harvest some herbs for your dinner

  • Attend an event... or even host one! 

Check out our events calendar to see upcoming work days and events. Join our mailing list to get updates. To inquire about tending your own garden bed, or about hosting an event in the garden, please email Jamie:

IMG_3278 (1).jpg

Where to find us

The garden is open to all! Feel free to drop by anytime for rest, respite, and relaxation. Come by during the summer months to gather some of the food we've grown for you.

About Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House is an intentional community, meaning that our lives together are bound by more than the necessities of cohabitation; our shared lives are built on relationship and mutuality. We live, eat, pray, and grow together in community, and we also pursue our individual lives, jobs, and interests outside of the House.

Emmanuel House is part of Creche, a non-profit network of intentional communities affiliated with with Episcopal Church. We are also deeply connected with Emmanuel Church, our sponsoring parish.


Support our work

Our work in the garden is made possible by a generous network of folks who give every year to keep us growing and thriving in community.

Your gift supports the Emmanuel House Garden, and helps Creche to continue its work.

The mission of Creche is to create a community-focused alternative to the for-profit housing market that is rooted in relationship and mutuality: co-housing communities in which people live like families, sharing meals, common spaces, and the rhythms of home care.

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